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Natalia, a Chilean medicine woman and artist, has lived and traveled around the world learning from masterful elders that have supported and encouraged her on her path to help others. Magnetized to different lineages from the Andes to the Amazon jungle, Natalia connects us to the knowledge and wisdom of her teachers. Her practice is intuitive and creative as she replenishes transcendental spaces with sacred songs and rituals while she embraces us with her nurturing healing frequency. Her long time passion and devotion to Yoga and meditation led her to receive her 200 HR Yoga Teacher Training certification studying Swami Vishnudevananda’s lineage. She generously shares her insights of Hatha Yoga, nutrition and wellness to help bring grounding restorative balance into our daily lives. She can offer great guidance and support to encourage you on your path to attaining inner peace and ultimate self-realization and can give you valuable advice on how to purify the body, mind and spirit. Her greatest teachings come from the simplicity of observing nature, which is an essential inspiration to her current series of drawings characterized as visual medicine. She loves studying psychology, botany, medicinal herbs and is a passionate cook and gardener.