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The approach to these drawings are based on consultations that are held as rituals where people share with me what objects, animals, flowers and trees they are profoundly connected to. These images tell a personal story of each client. They are meant to activate their greatest memories thus inducing positive thinking, happiness and relaxation of the mind. They can stimulate a sense of encouragement that helps the client remember those allies and guides that help support and celebrate them on their journey. The drawings serve as a personal visual totem of the things that help us recognize our true Self. Even if you glance at it subconsciously its benefits are experienced deep within the mind and spirit. They are visual medicine.

P-town and the Traveling Funkadelics
ballpoint pen on paper
30" x 22"
Sigue al Colibrí
ballpoint pen on paper
14" x 11"
Tasca Toad
ballpoint pen on paper
11" x 8.5"